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Crystal, Raw Amethyst
Stunning Raw Amethyst Cluster, each piece varies in size and color. we will hand select this for ..
Crystal, Raw Apatite
Powerful Raw Apatite, this stone is used for cleansing all of your chakras Each Piece varies ..
Crystal, Raw Selenite Wand
Raw Selenite Wand, great for using in your crystal grids. Named for Selene, a Greek moon godd..
Crystal, Tower, Large Selenite
Selenite is used to cleanse your crystals, it will not hold on to negative energy. Keep this towe..
Crystal, Tower, Small Selenite
Each piece varies due to the nature of the stone being natural. Cleanse and charge your cryst..
Crystals, Blue Apatite
Raw Stone Blue Apatite Throat Chakra Healing Qualtities: Balances all your chakras an..
Crystals, Blue Calcite
Raw Stone Blue Calcite Throat Chakra Healing Qualities: Good for the voice and commun..
Crystals, Chrysocolla
Raw Stone Chrysocolla Heart Chakra Healing Qualities: “Feel better” stone. Good for c..
Crystals, Clear Quartz Point
Raw Stones Clear Quartz All Chakras Four of these would be perfect for your Crystal G..
Crystals, Green Calcite
Rough Stone, each piece is sold separately Green Calcite Heart Chakra Healing Qualiti..
Crystals, Kyanite
Raw pieces of Kyanite Each one is different in shape, size and color. Kyanite Throat ..
Crystals, Opal
Raw Stone, each piece is sold separately Opal Sacral Chakra, Heart, Throat, Crown Hea..
Crystals, Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite)
Raw Stone Peacock Ore/ Chalcopyrite Crown Chakra Healing Qualities: Used to help find..
Crystals, Pyrite
Raw piece Pyrite Solar Plexus and all Chakras Healing Qualities: Good for the brain, ..
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