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Psychic Readings with Cindy Lois

Every Third Saturday of the month, 12:00pm-4:00pm

(or by appointment)

  • Saturday, March 17th
  • Saturday, April 21st
  • Saturday, May 19th

60 minutes, $120.

Cindy Lois is a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic & Medium.

I am first and foremost a very happy mom of four beautiful daughters who have given me my strength and courage I need to get threw every day. When my husband was sent to Iraq for a tour with the Army for almost two years, I had what I would call “an outer body experience”. I couldn’t deal with the fact that my husband was in such danger that I put my mind into the Tarot, which is what I believe got me through the scariest part of my life. I realized that once I picked up the cards, they spoke to me. I could hear them loud and clear. I would ask a question and with prayer and mediation I was able to receive messages, not only for myself….but others as well. Before I knew it, 2 years went by and my husband was finally home and I had so many people that I would read for calling me back for readings because what I had told them had come true at some point. I know I helped them and they helped me in return. I love what I do. I am here if and when you would like to contact me.