Malachite Bracelet


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Malachite Stretch Bracelet, 7-8mm

Heart Chakra Association

25 in stock

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Healing Qualities: Good for endurance.

Physical: Good for physical balance, eyesight and detoxing at a cellular level. Good for the health of the pancreas, pituitary gland, blood, heart, spleen, teeth, and immune system. Eases birth and encourages restful sleep. Has antiseptic qualities. Helps asthma, arthritis, inflammation, swelling, tissue regeneration, broken bones, torn muscles, epilepsy, insomnia, rheumatism, cholera, and tumors.

Emotional/Spiritual: Brings calm and emotional balance. Good for dream interpretation and meditation. Helps depression and manic depression.

Sold individually.

Each stone, being a product of nature,  varies in color, shape and size and are approximately 7″ – 8″.

Referenced from many books, including “The Crystal Healer” by Philip Permutt.