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Tuning Fork Workshop & Certification

Thursday, 1/18, 6pm-9pm

Become a Certified Level 1 Tuning Fork practitioner

By understanding the nature of sound and its vibrations, we will be able to use certain notes and techniques to help the body achieve and maintain Harmony. Sounds may affect the cells of our body, so let’s make them healing sounds.

In this level one course you will have an instructional manual providing clear and concise direction for the use of tuning forks in a healing session. We will learn about Sound Therapy and how sound affects the human body and it’s auric field. We will discuss and practice basic techniques, ideas and other information.

This class includes 8 piece student Harmonic tuning fork set, a hockey puck and a level 1 tuning fork therapy manual. Along with a certificate and a TF certificate number, that you can register in the TF database.

Led by Valerie Probst, $275