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Crystal, Lapis Lazuli Pyramid
Lapis Lazuli Pyramid Genuine Gemstone Third Eye Chakra Healing Qualities: Can be used..
Crystal, Rose Quartz Wand
Approx 2" Rose Quartz Healing Wand/ energy Wand, color varies, sold separately ..
Crystal, Selenite Charging Plate
White Selenite Charging Plate, perfect for charging your tumbled stone on. Selenite clears ne..
Crystal, Selenite Wand
Healing wand, carving, white Selenite, Selenite can be used to clear the energy of other crys..
Crystal, Tower, Large Selenite
Selenite is used to cleanse your crystals, it will not hold on to negative energy. Keep this towe..
Crystal, Tower, Small Selenite
Each piece varies due to the nature of the stone being natural. Cleanse and charge your cryst..
Crystals, Clear Quartz Point
Raw Stones Clear Quartz All Chakras Four of these would be perfect for your Crystal G..
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