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Crystal Sphere, Amethyst
Amethyst Sphere- Crystal Ball  Gazing is great for help with answers on the unknown. Ame..
Crystal Sphere- Clear Quartz
50mm Clear Quartz Sphere, sold separately, color varies Clear Quartz is an amplifier and brin..
Crystal Sphere- Labradorite
Color varies, stand sold separately. 50mm Labradorite sphere. ..
Crystal Sphere- Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Sphere, color varies, 20mm. Sold separately. Heart Chakra Healing Qualities: ..
Crystal Sphere- Selenite
Selenite Crystal Sphere Stands sold separately. Selenite is great for cleansing the energ..
Crystal Sphere- Smoky Quartz
50mm Smoky Quartz Picture shown is a smoky quartz sphere, color varies. We have many to choos..
Crystal, Carved Angel, Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Angel approx. 2" high, hand carved, genuine rose quartz Heart Chakra Healing ..
Crystal, Carved Angel, Smoky Quartz
Hand-carved Smoky Quartz Crystal Angel similar to above. These lovely angels are carefully cu..
Crystal, Carved Buddha, Common Jade
Common Jade Buddha, Variety of colors, each one unique as they are natural stones. Sold separatel..
Crystal, Carved Laughing Buddha, Green Aventurine
Genuine Green Aventurine Sitting Buddha, colors varies Each Buddha is hand polished and carve..
Crystal, Carved Laughing Buddha, Rhodonite
Carved Rhodonite Gemstone Buddha Rhodonite facilitates mutual understanding and strengthens f..
Crystal, Carved Laughing Buddha, Tigers Eye
Carved Tigers Eye Buddha Tigers Eye is for new beginnings, letting go of the things that do n..
Crystal, Heart, Amazonite
Small Amazonite Heart, larger than a US quarter. These gems/minerals are all genuine and natu..
Crystal, Heart, Blue Calcite
Just larger than a US quarter, each one varies in colr, size and shape Blue Calcite, is a sto..
Crystal, Heart, Carnelian
Just larger than a US quarter, each heart varies in size, shape and color. Carnelian is good ..
Crystal, Heart, Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper Heart, just larger than a US quarter, each is unique in size and color as they are..
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