Reiki Circle With Gina Morin

Reiki Circle With Gina Morin

Reiki Circle With Gina Morin

Every First Thurday of the month, 8:00pm-9:00pm

Thursday, June 1st

Thursday, July 6th

Thursday, August 3rd

Thursday, September 7th

Thursday, October 5th

Thursday, November 2nd

Thursday, December 7th

(Following Gina's yoga class that is each Thursday 6:30-7:45 pm). Please come to one or both classes. Everyone is welcome. During our Reiki circles expect to feel relaxed and supported in a reclined position. There will be props such as bolsters and blankets to make sure you are comfy. Reiki Master Gina will lead you into a guided meditation to help you connect with your higher self and allow the body to release any tension. Each student will receive up to 15 minutes of a full body Reiki treatment. Reiki is a hands on healing modality that helps students drop from the sympathetic, fight or flight nervous system, to the parasympathetic, relax and renew nervous system. Once you have dropped into the parasympathetic nervous system your body, mind, and spirit are in a safe place to release and experience deep healing and awakening. You will leave feeling a deep sense of relaxation and oneness of self.

Led by Gina Morin


Gina Morin has over 800 hours of yoga teacher training. She has studied many styles of yoga and yoga philosophy. Also a Reiki Master, Gina enjoys teaching her class with an awareness of the energetic body and how our mind state can create what we need/want out of life and our practice. A new mommy to her daughter Jaya, Gina is learning all over again the power of yoga to help balance life spiritually and physically. She knows her 7 years of practice in yoga was what gave her the peace and strength to have a natural homebirth. Yoga along with meditation and a Reiki practice has given Gina so much freedom in her spiritual and practical life. It's Ginas passion to openly share this with students and guide students along this path of liberation.

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