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Psychic Development Part One 2018

Have you ever felt that you were born with a sense of intuition or that you yourself have developed a bit of it along the way? What type of exercises have you done to help harness and fine tune that intuition?

  • Monday 9/10/18… 6pm to 8pm
  • Monday 9/18
  • Monday 9/24
  • Monday 10/1
  • Monday 10/8
  • Monday 10/15
  • Monday 10/22
  • Monday 10/29

We are offering a beginner intuition class. This is the perfect foundation and beginning steps to- you- developing your intuition. Here you will learn to work with different tools to help enhance those gifts and help you tap into your natural state of intuition.

Here is the opportunity to become more educated and learn about many different topics including; Pranayama, Pendulums, Cord Cutting, Manifestation, the Chakra system, the subtle system, the Tarot, Angel Cards/ Readings, Psychic Development, Elements, Mudras, Treasure Mapping, Sage and Smudging. We will meditate each time we meet and participate in exercises that expand your ability to receive and give messages and read for others.

You must commit to the entire series, once we start the flow of the group, I like to keep it the same and to be mindful of everyone’s needs. If you need to skip a class due to illness or prior vacation planning, it’s understandable, however I ask that you stay committed. There will be lesson plans and homework. This class is a lot of fun!

Led By Jena Turner, $240.