Aquamarine Bracelet


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Aquamarine Chip Stretch Bracelet, 8mm

Throat Chakra Association

25 in stock

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Healing Qualities: Protects travelers. Good for the brain and intellect. Helps study, communication and courage. Builds tolerance and responsibility. Makes things happen.

Physical: good for kidneys, lymph, body fluids, blood teeth and eyes. Helps swollen glands, water retention and swelling. Improves eyesight. Cooling in hot climates.

Emotional/ Spiritual:  Brings calm compassion, spiritual awareness and development, and reveals truth about yourself. Helps judgmental attitude. Brings you in contact with your inner and higher self. Good for centering and meditation. Gently washes away blocks in chakras. Clear pollutants (when used in visualization).

Sold individually.

Each stone, being a product of nature,  varies in color, shape and size and are approximately 7″ – 8″.

Referenced from many books, including “The Crystal Healer” by Philip Permutt.