Aqua Angel Aura Quartz Crystal


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Aqua Angel Aura Quartz Pendant

Comes with 20″ Satellite (non Sterling silver) chain

Third Eye & Throat Chakra Association


5 in stock

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Aqua Angel Aura Quartz Crystals are said to make your link to the angelic realm  stronger.

Healing Qualities: A “feel better” stone that is good for communication and protection.

Emotional/ Spiritual: Good for the aura and all psychic abilities. Helps negativity, depression, sadness, loss and grief.

Sold individually.

Each stone, being a product of nature,  varies in color, shape and size and are approximately 1.0″ to  2.0″.

Referenced from the dialogue of Jena Turner and books, including “The Crystal Healer” by Philip Permutt.