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Essential Oil Workshop

Every Sunday, 8:00pm-8:30pm (always immediately following yoga).

Essential oils; step into a space of tranquility enhanced by the subtle smell of diffused essential oils, as a warm uplifting scent fills the room. Essential oils are finding their way into holistic healthcare for a wide range of illnesses including cancer, respiratory conditions, migraines, menopause, weight loss and overall improved immunity. Testing their powers is a beautiful introduction to what many are finding life changing. Craft a custom blend to help with your personal blockages or goals and receive an intuitive reading and custom recipe. $20 for the reading and custom roller blend to take home.

Led by Lilie Perito

Purchase one class, $20.

Purchase ten classes, $150.

Lilie’s love for yoga started on the spiritual side. Growing up with less traditional religion she always felt a spiritual connection with nature and never really found an outlet or support. While looking for a fitness regimen to help her with constant weight management issues she stumbled upon yoga. She immediately fell in love with the practice and the spiritual connection it provided her soul. Yoga is the union between mind and body. Through the self healing she found with yoga, Lilie discovered she wanted to share her passion with loved ones. Lilie’s passion for sharing yoga with others soared and today she prides herself on offering a class full of positive energy to recharge and reconnect with mind and body all while getting a great workout in. Lilie offers a Vinyasa style class with fluid movement and core strength training. Classes are open to all levels and she encourages those who are new to yoga to take her class for a nice variety of what yoga can bring to your life both on and off the mat. Meditation and essential oils are often used to enhance the mind/ body experience.